Blur Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030 | Is Blur A Good Investment

Do you want to know where Blur’s (BLUR) price is going in the future in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030? BLUR’s past price actions will be analyzed, and what experts are saying about its future prices will be discovered.

We must keep in mind that this prediction and any other prediction is only an opinion expressed by some analysts or market experts.

I think it goes without saying that it is impossible to predict something so perfect before it happens. However, we will make every effort to ensure that your expectations are met. Before we begin, I want to make sure you know a few things.

Blur Token Price Prediction Coincodex Detail Information

Coin NameBlur
Coin SymbolBLUR
USD Price$ 0.50
Price Change (1 H)0.05 % 
Price Change (24 H)8.52 % 
Price Change (7 D)4.27 % 
Marketcap$ 236,274,683
24h Volume$ 41,065,379
Total Supply3,000,000,000

Blur NFT Past Price Analysis

It has been reported that Blur’s price is $0.5 as of the latest data gathered, and that it is ranked #129 out of all the cryptocurrencies in the crypto ecosystem. As of December 2013, Blur’s circulation supply is 474,826,351, and its market capitalization is $236,274,683. In the last 24 hours, Blur’s price has increased 8.52% due to increased trading volume and market cap.

There has been an upward trend in the BLUR prices over the past seven days, with a growth of 4.27% over the past week. Recently, Blur has shown a lot of potential, and this would be an excellent investment opportunity if it were to pan out.

BLUR’s price decreased by -35.594% over the past one month, erasing $0.27 from its current value. In this sudden downturn, it means that the coin is in a dip, making it an excellent opportunity to invest quickly.

Blur Price Forecast For 2023, 2024, 2025 & 2030

BLUR historical data includes multiple parameters, such as past price, marketcap, volume, and so on, that we try to collect as much as possible.

Our predictions will help you find good returns on digital cryptocurrencies if you are looking to invest in them.

Blur Crypto Price Prediction 2023-2030 With Max & Min Price

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

Blur Price Prediction 2023

Considering past price data for BLUR, we forecast that the Blur price value will be around $0.62 in 2023. Depending on the trading market, Blur can reach a maximum value of $0.69, while its average trading value is $0.64.

Blur Price Prediction 2024

According to predictions, Blur will reach a minimum price of $0.93 in 2024. Blur can reach a maximum price of $1.07 in 2024, and the average price will be $0.95.

BLUR Price Forecast for 2025

In 2025, Blur’s price is expected to reach $1.34 at its lowest possible level. In our research, we found that BLUR could reach a maximum price of $1.61 with an average forecast price of $1.38.

Blur (BLUR) Price Prediction 2026

As of 2026, Blur will be priced at $1.98, which is the minimum value expected in that year. Blur could reach an average trading price of $2.05 throughout 2026, with a maximum value of $2.33.

Blur Price Prediction 2027

There is an expectation that Blur’s price in 2027 will reach a minimum of $2.87. BLUR’s price is expected to average $2.95 during 2027, with a maximum price of $3.41.

Blur Price Prediction 2028

A technical analysis and forecasts have predicted that Blur’s price will bottom out at $4.26 by 2028, based on forecasts and technical analysis. Price ranges from $4.41 to $4.98, with the average trading price reaching $4.98.

Blur (BLUR) Price Prediction 2029

In 2029, the Blur price is expected to reach a minimum value of $6.18, based on forecasts and technical analyses. There is a maximum price value of $7.39 for BLUR and an average price value of $6.41.

Blur Price Forecast 2030

According to forecasts, Blur will reach a low of $9.05 in 2030. It is estimated that the BLUR price will reach a maximum of $10.84, with an average of $9.31.

Blur (BLUR) Price Prediction 2031

BLUR is forecasted to reach a minimum price level of $13.55 in 2031 based on our in-depth analysis of past price data. As of right now, the BLUR price stands at $14.92 with a maximum price of $15.94.

Blur Price Prediction 2032

It is predicted that Blur’s price will reach a minimum value of $18.76 in 2032. It is possible that the Blur price will reach a maximum value of $22.99 during the course of 2032 with an average trading price of $19.45.

Blur Price Forecast FAQs

What will Blur’s value be in 2030?

As far as price is concerned, Blur has the potential to reach new heights. A value increase is predicted for BLUR. Experts and business analysts predict Blur will reach $22.99 by 2030.

When does Blur come out in 2024?

Investors are expected to increase Blur’s price as more participate. Approximately $0.95 will be Blur’s average price in 2024.

Can you predict the highest price for BLUR in 2023?

It is expected that the BLUR price will reach $0.69 by 2023.

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